>>Matrimonial Sites to use Aadhar Verification: See how this can make a HUGE difference!

Matrimonial Sites to use Aadhar Verification: See how this can make a HUGE difference!

Aadhar Card is a unique identification number which is issued to citizens of India by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

Aadhar Card is a very important document as it can be used for both identification and verification purposes as well.

Since it contains an individual’s name and address details and is widely used by institutions for verification of an individual, more and more institutions have accepted Aadhar as means of identification and verification.

But it is not just the banks and other government and private bodies which accept Aadhar Verification. Matrimonial sites too have started to use the Aadhar Card verification. Don’t believe? Check below….

Did you know that towards the end of 2014, The Minister for Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi issued a directive making it mandatory for all the existing matrimonial sites to use Aadhar Verification? Actually yes!

She was of the view that all the matrimonial sites only required the mobile number which was not enough security on which the authenticity of a person can be judged.

Also, this meant that a person without a thorough authentic background check was allowed to use a platform, which basically comprised of all the personal information of other individuals.

The availability of personal information on an online platform without any security just makes the person vulnerable.

Maneka Gandhi envisioned that  this reform of Aadhar verification for matrimonial sites would take shape by the start of 2015, even after great attempts made by the Government, Aadhar Verification could not be implemented effectively until recently, when a tide of changed through a small step.

What is the new change with regards to Aadhar verification in relation to matrimonial sites?

Recently, a new matrimonial or match-making website called ‘LoveVivah’ was launched in collaboration with Unique Identification Authority of India. The websites serve all the Indian communities in India and abroad especially in Singapore, Australia, Canada, United States and Britain.

We understand the discrepancies associated with the existing matrimonial process and hence we have brought in the mandatory Aadhaar verification check to ensure the authenticity of the profiles,”

– President of Tanisha Systems Inc and LoveVivah, Gorav Aggarwal said in a statement.

The verification process of the website has been amped up as compared to any other matrimonial website, recently.

Along with Aadhar verification, the website has a five step verification through a number of social media platforms like Facebook, e-mail, LinkedIn and mobile phone number.

How will this Aadhar verification help?

The association of UIDAI with the matrimonial site will ensure the elimination of fake and fraudulent profiles. It will also make sure that only genuine people use the website for the purpose it is built for.

Aadhar Verification will be the initial step to go ahead with the creation of the profile and eliminate all the discrepancies.

We do think this is a step in the right direction. More and more matrimonial sites and other private entities should start implementing the Aadhar Verification to make the process easier as well secure to verify a person’s credentials.

We hope this article was helpful for you. Let us know where else can Aadhar based Verification be used, in the comments below.

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