Adding to the list of many benefits and instances requiring the Aadhar, there is yet another news gaining the headlines. Aadhar will now soon be mandatory to get train tickets booked online.

Indian Railways declared on March 2, 2016, that they would be working to integrate the Aadhar card with the online train ticket booking system as a portion of the program for the year 2017-2018.

This combination will guarantee that people who do not have Aadhar card will not be capable of booking train tickets on the IRCTC website.

The following actions have been planned:

  • Apart from this, there was a plan in place already for making Aadhar mandatory for senior residents to avail the senior citizen concessions. This will come into force from April 1, 2017, and a three-month trial run for this is going on as of now.
  • In his current business plan for Railways for 2017-18, the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu on 2nd March 2017, unveiled that the railways would shift towards a cashless ticketing system.
  • This will be done by installing 6,000 point- of- scale machines and 1,000 automatic ticket vending machines across the country.
  • Furthermore, by the month of May 2017, an integrated ticketing application will also be launched.
  • The individuals booking tickets will just have to give the Aadhar details once, and they will be linked to their profile for future transactions.

Advantages of Aadhar in Train Bookings

There are many benefits of linking Aadhar with train reservations, as there would be a centralized, well documented and live database of passengers which can be immensely useful for various purposes.

However, the intention of Indian Railways to link Aadhar immediately has been mainly inspired by three factors:

a) Giving out concessions would be easier and fair now.

b) The use Aadhar card would prevent unofficial agents and touts from booking tickets in bogus names, and then sell them at higher prices.

c) Every train passenger would be responsible for getting insurance now.

Since Indian Railways introduced travel insurance, around 27 lakh passengers have availed insurance, costing around ten paisa to 90 paisa per trip. With Aadhar, all passengers would be able to use this privilege.

Do you believe that making Aadhar mandatory for booking train tickets would be beneficial tactics for Indian Railways; or it would be another difficulty for passengers? Do share your views by commenting right here!

Note: Check here the steps to download Aadhar card online.