Aadhar card form is Free. You will have to pay no fee to apply for Aadhar card and it is simple and easy. You just have to fill an Aadhar form available at official website of UIDAI or Aadhar Enrollment Centers.

The Aadhar enrollment form is same throughout India, and the same form can be used in all Indian states. The form is available in various regional languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kannada, Telugu, etc.

Sometimes it may happen that due to the crowd at Aadhar Card Enrollment Center you have to wait for 2-3 hours so you can take the online appointment. Downloading form online will save your time as you will not have to wait for your turn for hours.

How to Download Aadhar Card Form?

To download Aadhar Card form, perform the following steps:

  • Go to the UIDAI official Website to download the Aadhar card form.
  • The page will look like that:
  • You can also directly Click Here to download Aadhar Form. Take a printout of this form and it is equally valid at all enrollment centers throughout India.

Note: You can directly download these Aadhar card form in different languages from the links given below:



How to fill Aadhar Card form?

The fields that are marked with the * sign is mandatory have to be filled in Aadhar form. And it’s mandatory to fill Aadhar Card form in CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY. To fill the Aadhar Card form, perform the following steps:

  • Field 1 Pre-enrollment Id and Field 2 NPR Receipt have to be filled by only those users whom enrollment will be done by only National Population Registrar (NPR). Otherwise, leave these two fields blank.

    Note: Click here to find a list of states whom data is usually collected by local Municipal/Civic bodies directly or through their appointed registrars.

  • Field 3: Full Name: Write your full name here which is written in your proof of identity.
  • Field 5: Age and Date of Birth: Write your DOB  and it should be verified by your proof of identity.
  • Field 6: Address: Here your area Pin Code should be entered same as in your address proof to avoid any problem in the future processing of Aadhar card.
  • Enter your working mobile number and e-mail ID as all updates in your Aadhar card process by UIDAI will be sent to these two fields.
  • Field 7: Father/Mother/Guardian/Spouse Name: This information is optional for adults, however for minors below five years of age, it is mandatory to fill Name of the Parent/ Guardian with their Aadhaar Number (if any).
  • Field 8: Here they asks for your wish whether you want to share your data with agencies like Petroleum Ministry, Banks, Passport Offices etc. I recommend you to tick yes.
  • Field 9: It is an optional field and Here you have to provide your Bank account details to link it with your Aadhar Number. Linking of bank accounts is done to provide you the transfer of various Government Subsidies directly to users Bank Account directly.
  • Field 10: Write here the list of documents you have attached with Aadhar card form.

    Note: Check here to find the valid list of Documents required to apply for Aadhar Card.

  • At last you have to sign the form after verifying and declaring that every information provided in the form is fully accurate and unambiguous.

How to submit Aadhar Card form?

When you fill application form, afterward visit your nearby enrollment center and submit this form there. Further the attendant available there will take your biometric scanning (including finger scan, eyes scan, photograph) and he will upload your data to the UIDAI servers.

Then he will ask you to verify the data filled by him with your documents and assure that it should be matched with the data mentioned in the form.

You have to take a photocopy of all the proof identities along with you and hand over to the attendant available at the enrollment center. Then an acknowledgment slip will be issued to you, which you have to preserve for future use so you can check the status of your application for generating Aadhar Number (UID) online.

In case if you want to correct or make any changes to your application form you can do it within four days which means 96 hours of submission by visiting same enrollment center again. You can also update the details of your Aadhar card later whenever you want, check this article here.

When Aadhar card is issued by UIDAI, Government will post your Aadhar letter at same residence address mentioned in the form submitted by you. You will receive the post within 60-90 days after the submission of the form. You can also download your Aadhar card online.