>>How to link Aadhar Card to ICICI Bank Account ?

How to link Aadhar Card to ICICI Bank Account ?

Aadhar Card is a very important document issued by Government of India. We also need to know how to link Aadhar Number with various services across India. You can link your Aadhar Card to your LPG Subsidy, your EPIC/Voter Card, Your Bank Account and many other services across India.

In this Article, we will brief you on how to link Aadhar Card to ICICI Bank Account OR Aadhar Seeding with ICICI Bank Account. We are going to mention 2 procedures in this article(Online & Offline) and you may follow whichever you feel is easier and faster for you.

You can link Aadhar Card to ICICI Bank Account by using your Internet Banking Account. If you already have an Internet Banking Account, All you need to do is after successfully logging into your Account you need to navigate exactly as shown below.

Customer Service >> Service Requests >> Bank Account Service Requests >> Account Details >> Modification Related >> Request for Updating Aadhar Number in Savings Account

Enter your Aadhar Details and Submit to finally link your Aadhar Card Number to your ICICI Bank Account.

You can also link your Aadhar Card to ICICI Bank Account by visiting your ICICI Bank Branch. You just need to follow the step by step procedure mentioned below to link your Aadhar Card to your Bank Account.

  1. Fill up the Form No.3 completely (Download Form No.3 directly here)
  2. Re-check every information including your Aadhar Number & Bank Account Number
  3. Submit your duly filled Form No.3 to the concerned ICICI Branch along with the photocopy of your Aadhar Card or E-Aadhar. You may be asked for original Aadhar Card as well.
  4. The Bank Official will keep your Form No.3 for verification purpose.

Once the Bank verifies your Aadhar Details, these details will be updated on your ICICI Account Number.

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