While existing government concentrating on all government services and benefits to get connected with Aadhar Card. It has now nearly become necessary, or you can say mandatory for Indian citizens to get their Aadhar Card.

The process of getting Aadhar card is very easy. You only have to go to a nearby Aadhar card enrollment center and fill Aadhar card form and submit it with your identity proofs and give the biometric scanning.

This way you will get your Aadhar card by post from the government at your doorstep. But in case, If you want your Aadhar card early, you can simply go to the official government online portal and download your e-Aadhar card anytime.

In the case, you may lose your Aadhar card or it has been damaged. You can always get a new one by just downloading your Aadhar card from the official site and can take the printout of it.

Losing important documents may be a problem, but not in the case of Aadhar cards. In fact, To download Aadhar card online, you will need a secret code that will be an OTP, which will be sent to your mobile number or email ID. You can download it as many times you want.

You can get Aadhar Card Print Out Online in various ways:

  • You know your Aadhar Number but you have lost Original Card
  • You Lost Enrolment ID but have Aadhar ID (UID)
  • You don’t have Aadhar Number or Enrolment ID both

Now the question is how can you download Aadhar card Online? You need to follow just few simple steps to download it online.

  • Go to the official online portal of UIDAI.
  • Choose the Option either you have enrollment ID(EID) or Aadhar Card ID(UID).
  • Enter the particulars including your name, pin code of your area and mobile number.

    Note: If you are choosing enrollment id then you can type any mobile number with you. But in case if you are choosing Aadhar card ID then you have to give registered mobile number.

  • Fill in the security code and verify OTP.
  • Next, you will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your mobile. This is highly confidential, and you must make sure that no other person has access to it.
  • Fill this One Time Password and download Aadhar card file on your computer.
  • The password to open that downloaded file is your area pin code given at the time of registration of Aadhar Card.

    Note: At this time you must have to install the pdf software or application in your system or mobile phone to open that file.

Now you can take print out of downloaded PDF file on a Photo-paper. But for better durability, you should laminate the card if you will take a print on normal paper.

Ideally, I recommend to you take PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or plastic Aadhar card. PVC or Plastic Aadhar Card print is the printed form of Aadhar details on a plastic sheet that considers same as the original copy of  Aadhar Card, which is easy to carry, maintain and also acts as an identity card. It will just look like your ATM Card!

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Easy to carry. You can easily carry and store it in your wallet or pocket like ATM cards.
  • No wear & tear.
  • Essentially water proof and the chance of the card being spoilt are minimal.
  • Strong, durable and can remain intact over a long period of time.


Note: Do you know who is UIDAI. Let’s take a deeper look.