>>How to get Reliance Jio connection in 15 minutes with Aadhar?

How to get Reliance Jio connection in 15 minutes with Aadhar?

Reliance Jio is the most ambitious digital connectivity initiative India has ever seen. Mukesh Ambani’s Jio has made huge promises to citizens of India, one of which is free voice calls and many other such path-breaking user-friendly services have been promised through Reliance Jio.

The most important being offering high-speed internet (which is only a dream for many Indians in a lot of cities) and at really low tariffs – as low as Rs. 50 per GB.

The launch Reliance Jio was quick to grab people’s attention and the demand for Reliance Jio Sim Card has been increasing ever since.
Long queues and awaiting verification of documents for activation of the card is a hurdle, though, in the whole process.

However, it is easier to get a Reliance Jio after Reliance has launched Aadhar e-KYC– through which you can get you Reliance Jio Sim Card within 15 minutes by a simple Aadhar Card Signup. Read more about it in the article below.

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How to get Reliance Jio connection in 15 minutes with Aadhar?

If you follow the instructions mentioned below your process of getting the Aadhar e-KYC enabled Reliance Jio should be very hassle free. Here’s are the three important steps you need to follow to get you Reliance Jio Sim Card in 15 minutes.

Step 1 – Head to your Nearest Reliance Digital & Xpress Mini Store

The first step of getting your Reliance Jio Sim Card is heading to a nearby Reliance Digital or a Xpress Mini store with your Aadhar Card to get your Aadhar e-KYC done and to get you Reliance Jio sim card in 15 minutes.

Step 2 – Generate Offer Code Through Aadhar EKYC

You have to then verify your Aadhar Card details and also provide some of your biometric data like fingerprints or iris for the Aadhar e-KYC to be completed.

Step 3 – Activation of Reliance Jio Sim Card

Reliance Jio activates as soon as you put the sim card in your 4G smartphone, but overall most recent buyers of Reliance Jio have indicated that Reliance Jio Sim Card takes approximately 3-4 days to activate after you put it in your 4G smartphone.

Note: As of now, Aadhar e-KYC has been launched and is available only in Mumbi and Delhi.

It is expected that the Aadhar based signup or Aadhar e-KYC for Reliance Jio will start soon in other cities as well.

Mukesh Ambani had also hinted the home delivery of Reliance Jio sim cards, however, that fact is not confirmed and only time will tell the validity and reality of it.

What is Aadhar EKYC?

Aadhar e-KYC facility had been officially announced by the Government of India for all sim cards throughout the country, recently. The Aadhar e-KYC also known as the

The Aadhar e-KYC also known as the Electronic Know Your Customer facility provides the service provider with the details of the user.

The Aadhar e-KYC has enabled instant verification of the users’ data. The on-the-spot-verification is possible only because the information in the Aadhar Card is already verified data.

The Aadhar e-KYC is not only  nature-friendly but also very business friendly. The on-the-spot verification will

The on-the-spot verification will save tons of paper every year that is used for paperwork by the Telecom companies. The Telecom companies will also save a lot of money due to the lesser use of paper.

For more details on Aadhar e-KYC, click here.

We hope this article was helpful in understanding the process of Aadhar e-KYC procedure of Reliance Jio. For more such informative articles, Watch this space for more!

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